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[News] More Free/Open Source Software Wins Announced (Digest)

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ONStor Commits to Open Source Technology and Launches Unified IP Storage
Solutions for the SME Market 

,----[ Quote ]
| ONStor, Inc., a leading provider of clustered NAS solutions for enterprises 
| and content-rich organizations, today announced a new addition to its Pantera 
| line of integrated storage systems, the Pantera LS 2100 series. The Pantera 
| LS 2100 series is a family of unified IP storage solutions that provides both 
| iSCSI and NAS support in a single system. Targeting small and mid-sized 
| enterprises (SMEs), the Pantera LS 2100 packs an impressive array of data 
| management features, self-healing capabilities, and advanced storage 
| management to deliver significant cost savings. Expanding on its track record 
| of deploying open storage technologies, ONStor has incorporated the 
| industry-leading Zettabyte File System (ZFS) and open source technology into 
| the Pantera LS series systems.           


The Apache Software Foundation Announces New Version of Leading Software
Framework for eCommerce, Enterprise Resource Planning, and Customer
Relationship Management Applications

,----[ Quote ]
| The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) - developers, stewards, and incubators 
| of leading community-driven Open Source projects - announced the newest 
| release of Apache Open For Business (OFBiz), a leading non-commercial 
| enterprise software framework.    


OpenSplice DDS Open Source Goes Live on OpenSplice.org 

,----[ Quote ]
| OpenSplice.org now hosts the forge supporting the OpenSplice DDS development 
| Community, providing access to the source code repository, pre-built binary 
| distributions for key platforms, such as Linux, Windows etc., and also 
| providing hosting for other Open Source projects related to OpenSplice DDS.   


BullionVault.com - Gold with an open source soul

,----[ Quote ]
| Gold and open source do not normally go together, but at BullionVault, the 
| combination of both has created an innovative way of trading in the precious 
| metal  


Carbon Mountain challenges Cisco with inVrastructure, an Open Source Unified
Computing Platform

,----[ Quote ]
| Carbon Mountain LLC today announced a revolutionary new Open Source Platform 
| for building next-generation data center solutions called inVrastructure. The 
| inVrastructure solution provides a true bridge between the traditional data 
| centers of today and the fully virtualized data centers of tomorrow. Based on 
| proven Open Source technologies, inVrastructure runs on any AMD or Intel 
| platform supported by Linux. With today's announcement, Carbon Mountain is 
| challenging Cisco, VMware and their partners by providing customers with a 
| true Open Source Unified Computing solution.        

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