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[News] Linux Powers Yet Another Set-top Box (Among Many)

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Linux STBs star on Amazon HD service

,----[ Quote ]
| Amazon announced that it has upgraded its Video on Demand service to HD (high 
| definition) video. The service supports a number of Linux-based IP STBs 
| (set-top boxes), including various TiVo HD DVRs, Sony's Bravia Internet Video 
| Link, and Roku Netflix Player (pictured), according to eWEEK.   



Android set-top box in the works

,----[ Quote ]
| Google's Android operating system is about to start showing up in a whole
| slew of consumer electronic devices other than cell phones, according to
| recent reports.
| The Web site Android Guys reported late last week that Motorola is building a
| TV set-top box for Japanese telephone and broadband service provider KDDI.
| The new device is expected to be ready in time for the Japan's largest
| electronics show, CEATEC, which will be held in October.


Linux STB design tapped in Russia

,----[ Quote ]
| Belarus-based "full-service" device design startup Promwad announced a design
| win for a Linux-based DVB-T set-top box (STB) destined for a Russian
| manufacturer of TV antennas. The STB design will be built around an ST
| Microelectronics (ST) STi5205 system-on-chip (SoC) clocked to 266MHz, says
| Promwad.


IP-STB maker tempts devs with discount

,----[ Quote ]
| Myka, which recently began shipping an IPTV set-top box (STB), is offering a
| $100 discount to entice developers to roll up their sleeves and contribute to
| its device’s open-source, Linux-based software stack.


Open set-top box ships

,----[ Quote ]
| Neuros Technology has started shipping its second open set-top box, which
| targets both consumers and product companies. The high-definition
| capable "Open Source Device 2.0" (OSD 2.0) runs several open Linux stacks on
| a tiny TI Davinci-based CPU module delivered with a mini-ITX I/O board and
| enclosure.

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