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[News] Puppy Linux Raves and Potential Role in Big Iron

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Puppy Linux woof!

,----[ Quote ]
| I'm an Ubuntu linux user, as it's widely supported, easy to install, and a 
| breeze to update software using Synaptic. I do admire other distros (I've a 
| soft spot for the vehemently Free multi-media dynebolic, the audio-rich 
| pure:dyne (made by goto10), the minimalist ubuntu-based #CrunchBang) and 
| since acquiring the snazzy Acer Aspire One netbook, I'm always on the look 
| out for lean and mean linuxes.      


Sun Cloud looks beyond Java

,----[ Quote ]
| Sun Microystems, which announced Sun Cloud in March, is taking a different 
| tack than the Java clouds from Google, Aptana, and Stax because it wants to 
| be more than just a Java provider. The new cloud will create new clusters of 
| machines from any disk image, including some of the most popular versions of 
| Linux and Solaris. Java, of course, will be found in most of these images, 
| but you don't need to use it if you want to, say, run some emulated version 
| of Cobol on a version of Puppy Linux. Unless Sun Cloud is interrupted by 
| Oracle's acquisition, it should be available in a few months.       



My Favorite Puppy 4.2 Addition

,----[ Quote ]
| As I looked at the recent release of the 100 MB Puppy Linux I realized Puppy
| 4.2 includes a few feature that are extremely useful for me. Puppy 4.2 comes
| with two window managers, choose either ICEWM or JWM which is appealing to a
| wider variety of Linux users. Users may also find appealing, the additional
| theme options with Clearlooks GTK+2 theme engine, SeaMonkey web browser with
| MonkeyMenu extension, Puppy control panel, Pwidgets desktop applications,
| AlsaPlayer and Pmusic for audio entertainment, Streamtuner internet radio,
| Gxine full-screen video playback, Puppy Web Desktop, extra shutdown options,
| a new game lineup and more. These are all great changes in my book but one of
| them brought me some great productive features.


Puppy 4.2 ScreenShots

,----[ Quote ]
| This is the first time I ever used Puppy Linux and the interface is really
| impressive. The install was not as simple as I expected it to be. ( But then
| again, the Ubuntu based Distro's have spoiled me, what can i say??? :) ).
| Also this is the first time I used JWM ( Joe Window manager ). What really
| grasped me about Puppy Linux was how fast the applications launched. Also
| Puppy Linux reminded me of Slax on how fast the applications loaded, which is
| a good thing.


Fun with Puppy puplets

,----[ Quote ]
| Puppy Linux 4.1.2 is an amazing little distro -- under 100 MB, and yet packed
| with applications. In this day of portable applications that can be run from
| USB flash drives, Puppy may be the ultimate portable app. The standard
| version comes with AbiWord and Gnumeric for office needs, the SeaMonkey web
| browser and html editor, Fotoxx image viewer, gXine for movies, Gtkam digital
| camera interface, Xsane scanner interface, ePDFview for PDFs, torrent, Geany
| and Leafpad for editing text... and the list goes on. Everything is included
| to give the user a complete operating system.
| [...]
| Because Puppy Linux is so flexible, new users are often not fully aware of
| its potential. Now, with the proliferation of puplets, with their variety of
| window managers and program selections, the possibilities for Puppy are more
| apparent.
| Puppy is fast and stable, with useful programs. It works well on the newest
| and the oldest computers. It offers unique backup features with a simple copy
| of pup_save. It encourages users to customize it, and to learn about Linux in
| a fun way. Add to this the ability to remaster the ISO using an easy script,
| essentially merging the pup_save file with the original Puppy distribution
| files. One can do a personal remaster, with all one's settings, or remaster
| for general distribution to others. No other Linux distro does things like
| this.


compiz fusion on puppy linux 3.00

,----[ Quote ]
| compiz fusion on puppy linux 3.00 www.puppylinux.com the music is from
| www.ultimateshowdown.org also the panel is provided by xfce 4.4


Puppy Linux On Windows Desktop

,----[ Quote ]
| Puppy Linux is an interesting Linux distribution which offers multiple
| features, despite of its low file size (around 99 MB). An average computer
| user will find enough flexibility and an increased speed during the execution
| of common tasks like web browsing, text processing, image editing and more.
| Puppy Linux integrates many simple to use applications useful for office
| related tasks, multimedia playback, gaming and networking. It has many
| installation options too.


PortableApps in Puppy Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Puppy Linux can be installed on your USB stick. So can
| PortableApps, a collection of cross platform open source
| software that can run on Windows. Interestingly, nearly all
| of the apps also run perfectly in wine, except for a few
| issues. So, I got an idea. Why not try and integrate the
| two.

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