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[News] Schools Tells Success Story About Migration to GNU/Linux

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Case study: school IT Manager turns to Penguin Power

,----[ Quote ]
| Ian Ralph, an IT manager at a private school in Sydney, called Sceggs, became 
| a fan of open source technologies and Linux twelve years ago when he built 
| the school's first web server using Linux.  


Linux Migration for the Home PC User, Part 1

,----[ Quote ]
| Try Ubuntu first. There are multiple versions offered at any one time, but 
| for those seeking stability, look for the "LTS" label. Never allow yourself 
| to be tricked into using the most current just because it's the latest and 
| greatest. Six months from now you'll have to update, and it will surely break 
| things. If you don't consider your computer a hobby, stick with the LTS 
| releases, because they are good for a couple of years. Next, join the Ubuntu 
| forums; it's the best and cheapest support system you'll ever find for 
| installation and initial setup. Be prepared to explain every time you aren't 
| a hobbyist and LTS is essential to your purpose. Don't be drawn into 
| discussions which revolve around why "you just gotta run the latest". Those 
| who actually can help you the most will understand.          



Skolelinux for Germany's Rhineland-Palatinate Schools

,----[ Quote ]
| From now on, the schools in Germany's Rhineland-Palatinate federal state will
| be running Skolelinux on their computers, based on a decision made a year
| ago. The project is now announcing its next phase.
| The federal state schools will not only adopt Skolelinux as their operating
| system, but also use it to develop curriculum in 11 pilot schools. The
| 10-point plan, roughly translated as "Media Competence Is Our Schools,"
| involves an adapted Skolelinux version, according to Burkhard Schaefer,
| consultant for the federal state's ministry of education, science, youth and
| culture: "The decision went to Skolelinux because it offered through
| available pedagogical network solutions from the Debian community a
| sustainable development based on software concepts." Rhineland-Palatinate is
| the second federal state after Hamburg to select a Linux solution for its
| schools.


Skolelinux 3.0:Debian Based Linux Distribution!

,----[ Quote ]
| Skolelinux is internationally available and it is currently being translated
| into many languages, including German, French, Norwegian, Polish, Greek and
| Spanish.  

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