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Re: [News] 35% of NHS Organisations Already Moved to GNU/Linux

Kelsey Bjarnason wrote:

> On Sun, 19 Apr 2009 11:08:59 +0000, 7 wrote:
>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>> Hash: SHA1
>>> Open source software - has its time come?
>>> ,----[ Quote ]
>>> | If you ask Tom Watson, the UK's minister for digital engagement, the
>>> | answer would be a resounding yes. Recently he issued a rallying cry
>>> for | government to adopt open source technology in far greater volumes
>>> than | it has in the past (and this is despite the fact that 35% of NHS
>>> | organisations already use Linux in the backbone). `----
>>> http://blog.procurementleaders.com/procurement-blog/2009/4/17
>> open-source-software-has-its-time-come.html
>> I wouldn't be surprised.
>> If micoshaft is involved with their crap in health care the system has a
>> crash a day.
>> Same with any and all government systems.
>> Sheesh!
> On another note, MS says that most machines would be immune to conficker,
> at the least, if they'd been updated, but they suggest some 30+% of
> machines haven't been.
> Could this be because:
> 1) So many copies of Windows are pirated, and people can't - or simply
> won't - update for fear their OS will be "turned off"?


> 2) They've read about Windows Update breaking everything from synctoy to
> zonealarm to windows update itself?

Almost certainly!

> 3) They're applying proper IT management, to wit, not rolling out any
> update which hasn't been thoroughly vetted - which is fun with Windows,
> as it seems to love using "stealth updates"?


> 4) Some combination of the three?

Very likely!

> Or, in other words, is this "a third of machines aren't updated" not
> directly caused by MS first producing an OS with security resembling a
> swiss cheese after a shotgun blast, following this up with security
> updates which break machines, and topping it all off with worries about
> unlicensed machines - and occasionally, properly licensed machines -
> being disabled?

Took the words right out of my mouth :)

If we wish to reduce our ignorance, there are people we will
indeed listen to.  Trolls are not among those people, as trolls, more or
less by definition, *promote* ignorance.
          Kelsey Bjarnason, C.O.L.A. 2008

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