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[News] People Happily Move to GNU/Linux on Sub-notebooks

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What IS the relevance of an operating system?

,----[ Quote ]
| Being the nice guy, I suggest I would install it for her, right in front of 
| her face. She agreed and I whipped out the USB drive containing Eeebuntu 
| (that I carry with me all the time) and proceeded to install it over her 
| Windows installation. After it was finished, I sat with her for a bit to make 
| sure she could use it. She didn’t ask a single question. Instead she was all 
| smiles at how cool the new interface was on her netbook. Did she know it was 
| Linux? No. Did she need to know it was Linux? No.      



Ask Technocrat: What Linux Distro for a Seven Year-Old?

,----[ Quote ]
| He's a bright kid so I don't think he'll have any problems with any of the 
| major distributions; however, one hurdle is that he will not have Internet 
| access from his computer. Therefore, I need to find a distribution that comes 
| with a lot of software and is not dependent on net access.   


Why I Chose Linux and Why I’d Do It Again

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| I started researching alternatives and Linux became the leader. Since the 
| Imac ran on a Linux system, I was somewhat familiar with it. The more I 
| researched it the more I fell in love. I also fell in love with the whole 
| idea of open source and having a choice when it comes to programs. I replaced 
| Internet Explorer with Firefox and Outlook with Thunderbird. Those were the 
| two best changes I have ever made.     
| For Valentine’s day this year, my husband bought me an Eee Pc with Linux. It 
| is the best computer I have ever owned. It comes with Open Office, 
| Thunderbird and Firefox. It also comes with other programs that are user 
| friendly and useful. For under $400, I can’t believe these aren’t selling 
| faster.    

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