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[News] GNU/Linux Mixes with Free Software Clouds and HDTV

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RightScale + Ubuntu + Eucalyptus = cloud in a box

,----[ Quote ]
| Need a cloud in a box? Want a cloud in a box? Well, then, start 
| requisitioning a couple of machines now so you’re ready on Thursday to load 
| up Ubuntu 9.04, install Eucalyptus, and follow the prompt to register your 
| cloud with RightScale! And best of all, it’s all free! Free open source 
| software and access to a free RightScale service account.    


Neuros Link: Tuning In HDTV, Using Ubuntu

,----[ Quote ]
| DRM Free
| The company that make this device, Neuros Technology, have clearly positioned 
| themselves as anti-DRM - they created an ‘Unlocked Media’ trademark and logo 
| to market their devices as being open and DRM free. They are also supporters 
| of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Free Software Foundation’s 
| ongoing ‘Defective By Design‘ campaign that aims to ‘identify defective DRM 
| enabled products and target them for elimination’.     



pcHDTV HD-5500 - HDTV for your Linux desktop

,----[ Quote ]
| pcHDTV is a unique company in that they specialize in making tv cards
| solely for the Linux market. I recently got a chance to check out
| the pcHDTV HD-5500 card and these are my impressions of this
| very capable high definition pc tuner card.


Open Addict - Interview with pcHDTV CEO/Founder Jack Kelliher

,----[ Quote ]
| The Linux market is great! Although it's not large like the Windows
| market it is made up in general of savvy and intelligent users that
| are concerned about the freedom that open source can provide. We have
| found that Linux users cross all disciplines and careers and that
| working with the Linux community is both challenging and rewarding.
| I believe that it provides a very fertile and highly leveraged
| arena for starting entrepreneurs to grow new businesses and products.


HDTV for Linux: New Options

,----[ Quote ]
| Once considered to be way too complicated for the newer Linux user,
| HDTV on a 'Nix box often times felt just out of reach for many. Then
| we found that hardware designed for Linux specifically was in the works.
| The card is known simply as the HD-5500.

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