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[News] GNU/Linux Desktop Claimed Easy in the Australian Press

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Welcome to the low-cost world of open source

,----[ Quote ]
| "It's amazingly easy to start," he says. "You just need to get onto the 
| internet. A great example is clarkconnect.com, a site from a Linux 
| distributor that is designed to help people who don't know what they're doing 
| set up open source."   



Are you an "average" user?

,----[ Quote ]
| According to here average has several definitions. However they all generally
| mean the same thing. So an average user would be a user that consists of the
| most common traits that all users have. I think that these traits would be.
| Average intelligence.
| Average health.
| Average age.
| Average education.
| Average job.
| Average computer skills.
| Etc.
| I think that you get my drift. Concentrating on three of those traits that I
| listed, intelligence, education and computer skills. I think that these are
| most important for our "average user".
| [...]
| Unless I have missed some earth shattering point I would say that if you give
| the average user a windows computer and a Linux computer they would be able
| to use each operating system equally easily. Menu navigation is the same. The
| way a mouse is used is basically the same. The methods of opening a program
| is the same.


Picking Linux software made easy

,----[ Quote ]
| In a recent story, my fellow scribe Preston Gralla wrote, "If Linux has an
| Achilles heel, from the point of view of a Windows user, it's installing new
| software." Now, he's seen the error of his ways about that, but he also noted
| that, "I was rewarded with a long list of recommended updates -- and what
| they were, or were used for, is anyone's guess. For example, ... alacarte:
| easy GNOME menu editing tool. ... " His point was that he didn't have a clue
| what this program might be.


Migration from Microsoft to Linux - O, the Joy

,----[ Quote ]
| So I finally made the plunge. I've long wanted to be part of that geeky elite
| who broke from the crowd, stepped aside from their fellow computer lemmings
| and took a different plunge - not off the cliff, but into an alien and poorly
| understood (by the masses) computer operating system - Unix.

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