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[News] Software Patents in a Limbo, Greedy Lawyers in Singapore Find Loopholes

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An outline of patent problems--and solutions

,----[ Quote ]
| Of course, post-Bilski, we may be entering a period of court-ordered 
| disarmament, which would be fantastic. The Bilski decision puts software 
| patents on the defensive, and it hopefully will help to clear the minefield 
| that currently helps only incumbents--and arguably hurts even them more than 
| it helps them.    


Intellectual property rights – Which Right is right for you? 

,----[ Quote ]
| You may have heard some types of technology are not ‘patentable’.  In fact, 
| this is in a fairly limited set of circumstances. For example, you may think 
| software is not ‘patentable’ but it is possible to obtain software patents. 
| We’ll be looking at this in more detail in future. However, to obtain 
| meaningful protection for any invention, it can be crucial that the patent 
| specification is well-written by a skilled patent draftsman and this is 
| especially true for software/computer-related inventions.      
| You may also think it’s not possible to obtain patents for business methods, 
| another area we’ll look at in future. It may be possible to obtain a patent 
| for a business method depending on the technology implemented and the country 
| you’re trying to obtain the patent in. For instance, patents for ‘business 
| methods’ are alive and well in Singapore today.     

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