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[News] The Copyright Farce Explained

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Potential of US Copyright Agenda to Endanger Freedom of Expression in China

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| Given the way in which copyright law was transplanted into China without a 
| fulsome cultural understanding of the values that informed the system, it 
| seems the power of copyright can be easily usurped for means that infringe on 
| political and civil rights. And yet, the United States, through the WTO 
| process, is seeking stronger copyright protection in China.    
| This seeming inconsistency may not currently be a large issue because of the 
| more explicit means of control available to the Chinese government. However, 
| as political pressure mounts on the human rights front, it is possible that 
| the Chinese government may have to be more covert in their attempts to 
| suppress political speech. If that happens, copyright law may begin to look 
| appealing to the Chinese government as a means of control.     


Queen Elizabeth II rules world's worst copyright regime?

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| A pair of consumer groups have surveyed 16 copyright regimes around the 
| world. The worst one they found was the United Kingdom, a "blessed plot" 
| which makes it illegal to rip CDs, doesn't protect parody and satire, and 
| puts a copyright on government documents.   



Hey, Warner, Leave those Kids Alone

,----[ Quote ]
| Last month we reported that Warner Music Group was using YouTube’s Content
| I.D. (aka Video I.D.) tool to effectively censor myriad fair uses. We asked
| people to contact us if they needed legal help and  put up a YouTube removal
| primer to give folks information about their options. As a result we’ve seen
| beautiful film montages set to music, videos to assist the hearing impaired,
| and many other examples of amazing artistic talent that have been censored by
| Warner Music.

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