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[News] [Rival] Microsoft is Falling Further and Further Behind on the Web

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Internet Explorer 8 might not be best choice

,----[ Quote ]
| Software like Gimp (and OpenOffice and Linux and hundreds of other titles out 
| there) are developed by smart people who donate their efforts for the greater 
| good. This "open source" initiative believes that a whole bunch of people 
| each doing a little bit of work can develop some pretty cool code. This has 
| worked in the past and will continue to work in the future. What has hampered 
| the open source community is the lack of paid support options... if Gimp 
| breaks, you have to rely on user groups and others to help you fix it; if you 
| buy Photoshop and it breaks, you can call someone and they will help you fix 
| the problem. That support is part of what you are paying for. However, you 
| will find many open source products to be high quality and ready for your 
| use.          


Google's Dominance and Microsoft's Perseverance

,----[ Quote ]
| Year after year, and month after month we keep an eye on the search engine 
| market share picture. Over and over again in the US, we see Google completely 
| dominating (more so with each year it seems), Yahoo a ways back, and 
| Microsoft even further back.    



Microsoft IE8 Launch Not Exactly a Catch to Users

,----[ Quote ]
| Aodhan Cullen, StatCounter founder and CEO, described the users’ reaction to
| the launch of IE8 as “underwhelming,” according to Channel Web.


Microsoft IE8 Still Eats Firefox's Dust, Says Mossberg (MSFT)


With IE8, Microsoft Ignores One Third Of The Market

,----[ Quote ]
| But speed is really everything. Without speed, all the other features fall by
| the wayside. You can't enjoy a WebSlice (which is a slice of a Webpage that
| is constantly updated) if it takes forever to load. And if you look at
| Internet Explorer's market share, it has steadily been eroded over the past
| few years by its faster rivals Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera. We'll have
| to wait for new independent speed tests to see how IE8 stacks up, but speed
| does not appear to be its strong point.
| Microsoft is doing what it always does: focusing on its massive installed
| base of users and ignoring the rest. If you've already left IE for a speedier
| browser, IE8 is not going to bring you back, and Microsoft knows it. For
| instance, Internet Explorer long ago turned its back the Mac and IE8 will be
| no different. There will be no Mac version, even though Macs continue to gain
| market share against PCs.


Internet Explorer 8, RC1: Photos

,----[ Quote ]
| IE8 still trails the opposition by an awful amount; removing Opera from the
| comparison would leave IE8 at almost three times slower than its nearest
| competitor.

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