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Re: ten most recent Microsoft patent applications ..

jon.in.durham <jon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> espoused:
> Mark Kent wrote:
>> Doug Mentohl <doug_mentohl@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> espoused:
>>> 'Proxy engine for custom handling of Web content'
>>> 'Electronic program guide displayed simultaneously with television 
>>> programming'
>> Teletext (BBC invented, 1970s/80s), offered electronic programme guides
>> from the start, and virtually all Teletext capable sets were able to 
>> display the programme guide and the image simultaneously.  This idea
>> dates back at least 25 years, and there are literally millions of sets
>> which are/have been sold which could do this.
> Teletext (or Viewdata), only offered programme listings, it was not in 
> any way a 'EPG' in the modern sense.
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teletext

I wasn't, no, I was comparing it with what it is.  In particular, the
"what's on now/next in teletext" is exactly like an EPG is now.

> I think your are confusing it with PDC/VPS.
> http://625.uk.com/pdc/

This is different, and I was certainly not confusing it at all.  The
purpose of this is to allow video recording to follow actual schedules
rather than the published ones, which EPGs do *not* do.

You appear very unclear about what these technologies do.

For the record, I have a PDC capable video recorder, but I cannot use it
because PDC was abandoned on pressure from "copyright holders", whereas
EPGs have not been.  I presume this is because EPGs do not reflect late
schedule changes.

I would also note that late model analogue TVs, video recorders and
other machines would set their time from teletext broadcasts.

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