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[News] Garmin to Bring Out More Linux Gadgets Soon

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Garmin nuvifone G60 bringing the Linux-love in June?

,----[ Quote ]
| Garmin and ASUS have been hard at work on their nuvifone lineup. The 
| Garmin-ASUS nuvifone M20 was recently launched as a slim GPS-centric 
| smartphone powered by the Windows Mobile platform. But, the duo’s new-found 
| smartphone aspirations don’t stop there. Garming-ASUS are putting the 
| finishing touches on the bigger, and arguably better, nuvifone G60. And, 
| rumor now has the Linux-powered nuvifone G60 launching in June!     



The newly-formed phone maker finally let us get our hands on the Garmin-Asus
Nuvifone G60 and the new, Windows Mobile, Nuvifone M20. Was it worth the wait?

,----[ Quote ]
| Though it's not technically a smartphone, the Nuvifone G60 is still based on
| Garmin's own Linux-based platform, and the company bragged quite a bit about
| the length their own software developers went in order to make this an
| original device.


Garmin, Asus Team to Bring Smartphones to U.S.

,----[ Quote ]
| Garmin and Asus, best-known for GPS devices and PC components respectively,
| announced an alliance on Wednesday to produce co-branded smart phones. In a
| conference call, Garmin execs hinted strongly that they wanted to bring the
| devices to the U.S. for an "attractive" price.
| [...]
| The line will begin with Garmin-Asus's Nuvifone G60, a Linux-based GPS
| smartphone that the company announced in January 2008, but that they never
| brought to market. The Nuvifone G60 will come to shelves in the first half of
| 2009, Pemble said. Another model will be announced at the upcoming Mobile
| World Congress in Barcelona on Feb. 15 or 16, and "we look forward to
| introducing additional Nuvifone models during the course of 2009 and beyond,"
| Pemble said.


New Garmin-Asus Smartphones to Take Many OSs

,----[ Quote ]
| Asustek has been making mobile phones since 2001 and has launched several
| smartphones, mainly with Linux or Microsoft Windows OSs.


Garmin Nuvifone Clarification: Linux-based but not Android

,----[ Quote ]
| The Android Guys apparently snagged a quote. According to their site, Garmin
| states that "We do have an Android-based phone under development; however, we
| are not releasing any additional information about that product at this
| time." Garmin is a newly minted member of the Open Handset Alliance so the
| expectation that it would soon release an Android platform seemed reasonable.
| However, the Nuvi handset remains (as planned) based on a proprietary Linux
| build rather than Android, according to Engadget


Garmin Nav devices run Gnome Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Garmin has posted Linux source code for its Nuvi 8xx and Nuvi 5xxx-series GPS
| navigation devices. The Nuvi 8xx offers a 4.3-inch, 480x272 display, and
| appears to be based on a Marvell PXA-3xx processor, Gnome Mobile Linux, and
| GeoClue location technology.

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