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[News] GNOME Adds Formal System Administration Team

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Changes to the GNOME System Administration Team

,----[ Quote ]
| We'd like to announce a formal system administration team. GNOME has long had 
| an informal sysadmin team that has managed the gnome.org services. Putting 
| this team on a more formal basis similar to the GNOME Release Team will allow 
| us to involve and recognize contributors more effectively, and better 
| coordinate with other parts of the GNOME project.    



Next GNOME Foundation Elections

,----[ Quote ]
| As people probably remember, the current GNOME Foundation Board was elected
| to serve until June 30th, 2009. We changed the end date from December 31th to
| June 30th so that the new board could have a face-to-face meeting at the very
| beginning of its term, during GUADEC. This face-to-face meeting is most
| useful to energize the board and make things go faster, so it really makes
| sense to have it occur at the beginning of a board term.


GNOME 2.26: Fast & Stable, But Light On The New Features

,----[ Quote ]
| As I’ve used GNOME 2.26, I tried hard to find new things to make the overall
| release notable, but unfortunately I couldn’t really find anything exciting.
| Don’t get me wrong, GNOME is not a horrible desktop by any means; it’s fast,
| stable and gets the job done. However, this new release likely will not do
| much to convince users of other desktop environments to make the switch.

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