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[News] Debian Founder Says Operating Systems Don't Matter Anymore?

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Do operating systems still matter?

,----[ Quote ]
| This shift creates opportunity for open source, and particularly for 
| OpenSolaris. Performance, scalability, security, etc. have never been an 
| issue for Solaris, and neither has innovation (I often say that Solaris has 
| innovated more than any other OS in the past five years which even in Linux 
| circles is usually met with grudging agreement). The problem has been 
| developer familiarity—in a world where developers know Linux, will they take 
| the time to learn Solaris, no matter how much better or more innovative its 
| features are? That was the impetus behind Project Indiana—lowering barriers 
| to adoption for Solaris technologies like ZFS and DTrace. The cloud 
| potentially lowers barriers to adoption even further: If you’re a Java or PHP 
| developer, and DTrace is just a feature of the Java or PHP stack, fully 
| integrated with the tools you use to build your applications—i.e., you don’t 
| have to learn Solaris or even know it’s there to take advantage of DTrace—
| you’d probably consider that compelling, wouldn’t you? The OS is still there, 
| and it still matters, but it plays a very different role.              



Debian Founder Murdock Now Sun's Cloud Strategist

,----[ Quote ]
| Debian Linux founder and former OpenSolaris chief Ian Murdock is taking over
| the role of chief strategist for cloud computing at Sun Microsystems.
| The result of a restructuring at Sun last November has given Ian Murdock the
| new role of VP of Cloud Computing Strategy, which Murdock recently announced
| in a video interview with his former Sun colleague Barton George.

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