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[News] Ubuntu May Open Collaboration with Debian GNU/Linux

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Meta-cycles: 2-3 year major cycles for free software?

,----[ Quote ]
| Six-month cycles are great. Now let’s talk about meta-cycles: broader release 
| cycles for major work. I’m very interested in a cross-community conversation 
| about this, so will sketch out some ideas and then encourage people from as 
| many different free software communities as possible to comment here.   
| [...]
| I’ve spoken with folks at Novell, and it doesn’t look like there’s an 
| opportunity to coordinate for the moment. In conversations with Steve 
| McIntyre, the current Debian Project Leader, we’ve identified an interesting 
| opportunity to collaborate. Debian is aiming for an 18 month cycle, which 
| would put their next release around October 2010, which would be the same 
| time as the Ubuntu 10.10 release.     



The Difference Between Debian and Ubuntu (part 1)

,----[ Quote ]
| Since Ubuntu showed up on the scene many people have asked what the
| differences between the Debian based distribution and Debian GNU/Linux
| actually are. Ubuntu as most of you know is very much like Debian in many
| ways from the package system to the user community Debian and Ubuntu have
| done a great job coinciding.


Divining from the Entrails of Ubuntu's Gutsy Gibbon

,----[ Quote ]
| According to the 2007 DesktopLinux.com survey, Ubuntu is the distribution of
| choice for 30% of GNU/Linux users. The exact figure is questionable, but
| Ubuntu's dominance is not. For an increasing number of people, Ubuntu is
| GNU/Linux. Yet, looking at the pre-releases of Gutsy Gibbon, Ubuntu 7.10, I
| found myself becoming disturbed by the degree to which this popularity has
| translated into uncritical acceptance.    

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