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[News] Huge Crowd in Germany Attacks Software Patents and Other Monopolies

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Germany: Open Fight on Biotechnology, Patents, and CIIs.

,----[ Quote ]
| What should be duly noticed is that high-profile representatives of 
| centre-right political parties are openly lobbying against patentability of 
| biotechnological inventions, for example Mr Söder (CSU), Minister for 
| Healthcare & Ecological Affairs of Bavaria. One prominent reason for this 
| surely is of populist nature: There are general elections for the European 
| Parliament and for the German Parliament ("Bundestag") later this year. As 
| utilisation of genetically modified organisms in food chains is hopeless 
| unpopular in Germany and angrily attacked in particular by conservative 
| farmers in Bavaria, there is a big incentive for politicians to go exactly 
| that way as demonstrated yesterday.         
| [...]
| While most of the media coverage was directed to the EP 1651777 B1 patent, 
| FFII had attempted to jump on the bandwagon by joining the rally, pointing 
| towards patents on CIIs or, vulgo software patents. To this end they had 
| invited a well-known heavyweight, namely Mr Richard M. Stallman himself.   


Frankenfood Ban Is 'Neither Populism nor Panic-Mongering'



IBM tries to patent offshoring

,----[ Quote ]
| Two years ago, red-faced IBM executives ordered a patent application on
| offshoring jobs to be withdrawn. Last week it returned, more sophisticated
| than ever. The latest application, describes how to weigh various
| constraints, such as lack of a skilled workforce, against incentives such as
| tax breaks.

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