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[News] Another War on Photography and Society

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Undigital Britain: A Vision For An Unconnected Policyscape

,----[ Quote ]
| The online planning for today’s Digital Britain Summit was poor even before 
| the conference began - but the web output from the event itself could make a 
| citizen wonder Lord Carter’s advisers are really best placed to make Britain 
| digital…   


Police delete London tourists' photos 'to prevent terrorism'



Britain's no-photographing-cops law: even the cops hate it

,----[ Quote ]
| The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's radio show As it Happens did a great
| job covering the new British law that makes it a crime to take a picture of a
| police officer or a building, where that picture might be useful in "planning
| an act of terrorism." First, they interviewed Peter Murray, Vice-President of
| the National Union of Journalists, who, predictably, worries that his members
| will find themselves with arrest-records as terrorists for violating the law.


No Photo Ban in Subways, Yet an Arrest

,----[ Quote ]
| Finished with his camera, Mr. Taylor, 30, was about to board the train when a
| police officer called to him. He stepped back from the train.
| “The cop wanted my ID, and I showed it to him,” Mr. Taylor said. “He told me
| I couldn’t take the pictures. I told him that’s not true, that the rules
| permitted it. He said I was wrong. I said, ‘I’m willing to bet your
| paycheck.’ ”
| Mr. Taylor was right. The officer was enforcing a nonexistent rule. And if
| recent experience is any guide, one paycheck won’t come close to covering
| what a wrongful arrest in this kind of case could cost the taxpayers.


Section 76 ignites new debate

,----[ Quote ]
| The National Union of Journalists, in association with BJP, has called for
| photographers to make their voices heard at a rally on 16 February as a new
| law is introduced that allows for the arrest - and potential imprisonment -
| of anyone who takes pictures of police officers 'likely to be useful to a
| person committing or preparing an act of terrorism'.



Elderly woman prohibiting from photographing empty swimming pool "to prevent

,----[ Quote ]
| An 82-year-old woman in Southampton, UK was told she couldn't take photos of
| an empty wading pool because she might be a paedophile. Because, you know,
| anything that children touch regularly becomes part of their souls, and if a
| paedophile looks at those objects, it's just like sexually assaulting a
| child.

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