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[News] List of High-end Multimedia Applications for GNU/Linux

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The List: The Top 5 Media Center Programs for Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| I though I would share my thoughts on my exploits with the popular Media 
| Center Solutions for Linux. While none of them are perfect some come very 
| close. Please keep in mind these are my opinions and you do not have to agree 
| with me, but I feel my points are pretty spot on as of 4/09 , the current 
| month and year. Some of the points made are with my personal experience with 
| the program while one is based off a review, as I had trouble installing it. 
| Please feel free to comment or use the “Contact Us” page at the top of the 
| site.       


Can Open Source Songbird Compete with iTunes?

,----[ Quote ]
| The developers promise further tools in the near future. They say they'd like 
| to expand device support, which right now does not include Apple iPhones, 
| iPod Touch, and Microsoft Zune devices.   


Does maturity of a Linux application depend on compatibility with DRM bricks?
Also, the one to compare to should be Amarok.


Hands-on: Amarok 2 rocks the house

,----[ Quote ]
| The developers behind the open source Amarok audio player have announced the
| official release of version 2.0, a long-awaited Amarok update for KDE 4.
| Amarok 2.0 offers a totally new user interface, extensive integration with
| various web-based audio services, support for a multitude of new KDE 4
| technologies, and many other important changes.
| [...]
| After extensive testing, I'm convinced that Amarok 2 is a major improvement.
| Although it still has some weak areas that need improvement and there are
| still some missing features that need to be brought back, the overall user
| experience is better and the new infrastructure will make it possible for the
| player to evolve faster. I am especially impressed with its scripting
| capabilities and I think that this extensibility will enable end users to do
| a lot of innovative things with the program.

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