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[News] Intellectual Monopolies Under Fire for Turning Against the People

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Remember How ACTA Wasn't Supposed To Be A 'Major' Change To Copyright Laws?

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| This is a key point that plenty of folks have made clear over the years: 
| assuming that every shared file would have been a lost sale is absolutely 
| false. Putting that into the law and suggesting judges use that false concept 
| as a basis for calculating damages is quite troubling. In the meantime, we're 
| still trying to figure out why ACTA is even necessary? And... on top of that, 
| no one has yet explained why industry lobbyists have been integral to the 
| negotiations, but the public and public interest groups are being blocked 
| from any information based on bogus national security claims.       


The case for a World Innovation Policy Organisation 

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| The disconnect between what Member States preach at WIPO and what they 
| practice at home can to some extent be traced back to tactical 
| considerations, but not be explained by tactics alone. There is an obvious 
| disconnect within governmental departments, and a lack of engagement from 
| industry, in particular, which has not briefed its government sufficiently on 
| the benefits that local industry of developed countries can reap from a WIPO 
| that can offer the full range of Free Software, Open Standards and Open 
| Innovation Model competency alongside its traditional arsenal of exclusive 
| rights.        



Google: Internet disconnection a "disproportionate" penalty

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| Google has made its position on "graduated response" rules clear: Internet
| disconnections are a disproportionate penalty for online copyright
| infringement.


Google Provides Numbers On Just How Often DMCA Takedown Process Is Abused

,----[ Quote ]
| Some entertainment industry lawyers have been going around lately, pitching a
| fable that the DMCA isn't really that bad, since bogus takedown notices are
| somewhat rare. However, some new evidence from Google suggests quite a
| different story.


Do Patents Encourage or Hinder Innovation? The Case of the Steam Engine

,----[ Quote
| Boulton and Watt had a patent on the separate condensor from 1769 to 1800,
| with almost absolute control on the development of the steam engine. During
| the later period, the inventors declined to patent their inventions, and
| there was greater innovation. The beneficiary? Everyone who used a steam
| engine, or bought products produced by a steam engine.

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