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[News] Applications for Slideshows and Video in GNU/Linux

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SMILE - Powerful Slideshow Maker In Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| SMILE is a slideshow building program by Stephane Gibault, author of manDVD, 
| and is the successor to manslide. 


Desktop Linux Video App Roundup 

,----[ Quote ]
| While the Mac does provide great applications such as iMovie at almost no 
| cost, other apps for this platform do cost plenty. So unless you have the 
| budget of a small independent film being supported by third-party 
| contributors, going with the Mac for the most powerful software might not 
| always be a viable plan.    
| But what about those of us on Linux? There's a persistent belief with this 
| platform that there's really nothing available that can create a usable 
| experience for newer video editors, not to mention seasoned professionals. 
| Understanding this perception, I'll show you that this is not entirely true.    



Industry Perspectives: The Promise of Open Source Video

,----[ Quote ]
| Open source video is not only a future promise: it is becoming a value driver
| in the present. My experience at Kaltura shows that open source video works,
| today. We help more than 20,000 sites, companies and organizations the world
| over (including Wikipedia, the UN, Coca Cola, Pepsi, PBS, Universal Studios,
| and Lionsgate Entertainment to name just a few) to discover the power of the
| open video solution stack. Whether self-hosted or managed on the cloud, these
| organizations pay less, get more, remain in control, and hit their market
| faster. The bottom line: If you are a publisher, a developer, an
| agency/creative shop, a content owner or a media company, you should join the
| open source video bandwagon, and start driving more value today.

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