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[News] NSW Government Deal with Microsoft Smacks of Corruption

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NSW Government not giving away Linux vs Microsoft details 

,----[ Quote ]
| I pursued the office of Hon. Verity Firth, Minister for Education. I’d asked 
| if it was possible to get information detailing the companies who had 
| tendered, the technical specifications of their hardware and software, and 
| their costings.   
| After a fortnight of calls and e-mails I received a single paragraph 
| response. 
| [...]
| He said, “NSW DET manages one of the most extensive and complex information 
| technology environments in the world.  Operating systems and application 
| software for teaching and learning are selected to account for their fitness 
| to purpose, affordability and manageability in DET’s network. On this 
| occasion NSW DET determined that a Microsoft-based solution best met its 
| needs, particularly with respect to multimedia applications.  A range of 
| operating systems and applications was offered to meet the NSW DET 
| requirement, including solutions based on Apple, Linux and Microsoft 
| platforms.  Each offering was methodically assessed through the different 
| phases of the procurement process, with solutions based on Linux and Windows 
| finally being considered.”          
| No vendor names. No specifications. No costings.



Kogan promises a Linux Netbook by the end of March

,----[ Quote ]
| Kogan admits he's a big fan of Linux, and that the decision to adopt it was
| driven by feedback on the Kogan blog. "I was happy that people don't mind
| having Linux on their laptop. It seems that the wider market is starting to
| not be as scared of it as it was a couple of years ago."
| [...]
| On the overall technology selling market, Kogan also remains optimistic and
| upbeat. "We've gone from being a 4 million dollar company last year to a 20
| million dollar company this year. We see brands like Hitachi and Fujitsu
| dropping out of the (LCD TV) market. It's not because of lack of demand.
| They're dropping out due to archaic business models. People are becoming
| price educated. The $950 government grant will make the demand for LCD TVs
| skyrocket. Conventional retail cannot compete."


Will the NSW Govt put Linux in schools?

,----[ Quote ]
| The NSW Government's release this week of an expressions of interest tender
| to give low-cost laptops to every senior public school student in NSW is a
| big step, but will these systems be Windows or Linux?
| Rolling out from 2009 onwards, the program will mean a whole generation of
| students will be a great deal more technically literate, which can only be a
| good thing. However, the cost per device (only $500) is going to be a
| challenge for vendors to meet.

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