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[News] GNU/Linux Works Even with Faulty Hardware, Works Well

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Linux Works Even When Your PC is Committing Suicide

,----[ Quote ]
| My troubleshooting was rather hasty and disorganized, though it did finally 
| lead to a solution. What can I say, there are good days and there are 
| twitterpated days. As so many readers of my blog suggested, the first thing I 
| should have done was boot up a live Linux CD. That is a fast way to determine 
| if the problem is hardware or software; if the live CD boots normally then 
| the hardware is OK. It would have saved me some time.      


You have work to do? Well so do I! 

,----[ Quote ]
| Fortunately with Linux we can do our work and let them do their work too. 
| While they are happily working away on their urgent work we are connected 
| through the wire in the back of their computer and are performing our own 
| computing miracles.    



Linux works out of the box.

,----[ Quote ]
| One of good things said about OS X is that OS X works out of the box. But it
| doesn't work out of the box on any hardware - it works out of the box *on mac
| hardware*.
| I believe same can be just as well said about Linux: It works out of the
| box... on mac-level hardware :-)
| Or, to be exact, Linux generally works out of the box on quality hardware.
| If you stay away from obscure cheap crap (or expensive crap), and get distro
| that is not too fundamentalist about open source and includes closed source
| drivers (such as mandriva), everything works "out of the box" (as in you put
| livecd, boot, and voila).


Desktop Linux - If it ain't broke don't fix it!

,----[ Quote ]
| I have been using Linux for a decade and using PCLinuxOS since it's 0.92
| release. I had installed PCLinuxOS 0.92 sometime in 2005 worked on it for
| quite a long period, and installed the much anticipated pclos 2007. But I had
| to distro-hop, when I sold off that desktop and brought home a low-cost
| notebook. Hopped a full circle across the much hyped distros but again came
| back to pclos - the venerable PCLinuxOS 2008 MiniME.


Why everyone should be using an Open Source operating system

,----[ Quote ]
| Most people are just not aware there's a choice, most people don't even know
| what a Operating System is.
| It's up to us to make them now.


A tool

,----[ Quote ]
| “I just want it to work.”
| I believe that the interface for the program/operating system/web application
| should be as simple, intuitive and consistent as possible (see Google, Apple,
| Moo etc.).
| In My Humble Opinion, this is why (Ubuntu) Linux has made such leaps and
| bounds, the fact that it now pretty much works out of the box on wide variety
| of platforms.


ASUS Eee PC is a good option for a lightweight laptop

,----[ Quote ]
| All told, the Eee PC is a great out-of-the-box Linux laptop for new users.
| With the default Xandros install, everything just works. The boot speeds are
| amazing, and suspend/resume works great.



Adventures in Linux go forth

,----[ Quote ]
| Finally, Linux has grown to become a viable rival to Windows. Why? It just
| works.

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