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[News] Digital Standards Organization Announced Milestone, Lock-in Explained

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Digital Standards Organization publishes "standards for standards" 

,----[ Quote ]
| The COSS lifecycle defines a specification as a contract between designers, 
| implementers, and users. The weight of the contract depends on where the 
| specification is, in its lifecycle: from raw, to draft, to stable, legacy, 
| and through to retired. COSS editor Pieter Hintjens concludes, this model 
| allows for experimentation, and standardization, which are normally opposed 
| to each other.     


Why Be a Victim of Vendor Lock-in?

,----[ Quote ]
| Herring cites the example of using proprietary products from BEA 
| Systems/Oracle, which are far more expensive to acquire than open-source 
| alternatives and don't even offer enterprise developers the flexibility to 
| customize to fit their particular business's changing needs. The strength of 
| the open source community pays off when more than just a few employees of a 
| particular vendor are at work on a solution but rather an entire community. 
| Rollout time is reduced dramatically, Herring notes.       



Please Welcome Digistan

,----[ Quote ]
| Standards and SocietyOn Wednesday, I introduced The Hague Declaration to
| those that visit this blog, promising to write again shortly to introduce the
| new organization that created the Declaration.  That organization is called
| the Digital Standards Organization (Digistan, for short), and I'm pleased to
| say that I am one of its founders.  In this entry, I'll give you my
| perceptions of what Digistan is all about, and what I hope it will
| accomplish.

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