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[News] Free Software Advocated for Data Integration, Other Purposes

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Open source data integration tools good choice for 'standard' ETL jobs

,----[ Quote ]
| When Balfour Beatty Construction needed data integration software to connect 
| its ERP and project management systems, the company considered many of the 
| usual commercial data integration vendors.  
| But, thanks to advice from colleagues at General Growth, decision makers at 
| the Dallas-based construction firm also included open source data integration 
| vendor Jitterbit in its evaluations.   


Benefits of Using Open Source: Potential Versus Realizable

,----[ Quote ]
| Some definitions of open source explicitly require that open source software 
| be freely available without any limitation or cost (free beer). However, 
| others aren't as concerned about the "free beer" aspect as they are about 
| the "free speech" aspect of open source. Although most products that are 
| advertised as open source do seem to be available for no cost, this should 
| not be assumed without careful reading of the product's license.      



IT budget crisis? Invest in free tools

,----[ Quote ]
| And he is not alone. John Turner, director of networks and systems at
| Brandeis University, turned to freely available open source tools in lieu of
| a commercial monitoring software product, and fortunately for him, one vendor
| offered both.


NY Bill Proposes Tax Credit for Open Source Developers

,----[ Quote ]
| Assemblymen Jonathan Bing and Micah Kellner, along with a number of
| co-sponsors, have introduced proposed legislation in New York State which
| would grant a tax credit to individuals acting as volunteers who develop open
| source programs. The idea of the credit is to ensure that volunteer
| developers, who could not otherwise deduct their expenses because they are
| not part of a 'business,' should nevertheless be able to receive a tax
| benefit for their contribution.


New York Moves - Slowly - To Reward Open Source

,----[ Quote ]
| The move is certainly a step in the right direction — and one that no doubt
| will be eagerly supported by Open Source New Yorkers — and we applaud
| Assemblymen Bing & Kellner, and their "multi-sponsor" colleagues, for their
| efforts to support Open Source development — and Open Source developers.

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