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[News] As Enterprises Throw Windows Away, GNU/Linux Gains More Than Apple

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Enterprises Chucking Windows Choose Macintosh

,----[ Quote ]
| Dimensional Research was right to call out the Macintosh number, But I see 
| Ubuntu gains as being more significant. Mac is down from 28 percent in 2008, 
| while Ubuntu is up from 21 percent last year and 17 percent in 2007.  



Ballmer Needs to Learn the Art of Shutting Up

,----[ Quote ]
| As though this weren't enough, he kept right on talking. In a column on
| ComputerWorld called Ballmer Says Skip Vista, my colleague, Steven J
| Vaughan-Nichols reports that Ballmer told the same audience if they wanted to
| wait for Windows 7, they certainly can. Come again?! That's right, it's a
| statement so outrageous coming out of the mouth of the Microsoft CEO, that
| it's hard to believe he said it. I'm sure his PR people were just thrilled to
| hear that, as was the Vista sales team. As Vaughan-Nichols says, this is a
| prime opportunity for Apple and Linux to continue to capture market share
| while waiting for the elusive Windows 7.
| Giving Apple and Linux a Huge Opening
| Given that many people are just looking for an excuse to jump ship from
| Microsoft, you might think that the CEO would be doing damage control for the
| OS his beleaguered company is trying to sell today, but instead he's saying
| it's OK to move on and wait for the next one. This is just bone-headed coming
| from your chief executive, the individual whose job is to promote your
| company's public image, yet there he was sticking his foot in hit once again.


Ballmer: GNU/Linux Will Win on Netbooks

,----[ Quote ]
| I think this is a very frank analysis of the problem for Microsoft: after
| all, who's going to pay extra money just to get the Windows logo on a
| netbook, when they can get the same features for less with free software...?

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