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[News] Microsoft Cronies Police Uses Crime and Death to Daemonise Sharing

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Let's Drop this Insulting “Digital Piracy” Meme

,----[ Quote ]
| For example, consider this email with the subject line “BSA Launches Faces of 
| Piracy Campaign” (BSA = Business Software Alliance), reproduced on this blog 
| post:  
|       We've all been following the events of the past week of the pirates off the 
|       Horn of Africa. Piracy takes many forms, some more violent than others. I 
|       wanted to let you know that the Business Software Alliance is launching a 
|       new campaign today "Faces of Internet Piracy" that shows the real-life 
|       impact of software piracy--from hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines to 
|       jail time.     
| This callous linking of life-threatening events off the coast of Africa, with 
| digital copyright infringement, which doesn't even involve the loss of 
| material objects, since perfect copies can be produced without affecting the 
| original, is cynical in the extreme. It shows to what depths the BSA has sunk 
| if it is able to equate the two.     


BSA Tries To Exploit Somali Piracy News In PR Campaign Against Software Sharing

,----[ Quote ]
| We already wrote about how ridiculous it is to compare Somali high seas 
| pirates with music, movie and software fans downloading an unauthorized copy 
| of something off the internet -- and even the press is starting to question 
| the wisdom of calling unauthorized file sharing "piracy." Yet, that hasn't 
| stopped the BSA, masters of misleading through questionable stats from 
| ramping up a marketing campaign that purposely tries to compare software file 
| sharers with Somali pirates.      



Updates of Sorts and Things to Watch Out For.

,----[ Quote ]
| While there may have been the Enrons, Haliburtons, and other companies that 
| members of We Are Change have to deal with, there are two main 
| companies/groups that we have to deal with:  
|     * Microsoft
|     * The Business Software Alliance
| It’s a symbiotic relationship of sorts between the two.  One is supposed to 
| make sure that users have shelled out an arm and a leg for their copies of 
| software, yet it is used by the other to blackmail these same users.  For now 
| though, let us focus on the Redmond, Washington software company.  In Michael 
| Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11, there was a brief clip that allegedly showed a 
| meeting of many companies who were talking about Iraq (second invasion of… at 
| least it was implied to me anyway), and one of the names dropped: Microsoft.      

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