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[News] [Rival] Windows XP is Dead (End of Line)

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Microsoft moving XP into reduced-support phase on Tuesday

,----[ Quote ]
| The move out of mainstream and into extended support also comes just days 
| after a leaked Microsoft memorandum spelled out a relaxation of the rules for 
| computer makers that want to continue selling new PCs with the aging 
| operating system.   
| OEMs will be allowed to advertise new systems as XP PCs, something that 
| hasn't been allowed since June 2008, and can "downgrade" a license for 
| Windows 7 -- the operating system that hasn't yet been released -- to XP for 
| at least six months after Windows 7's launch.   



The suspicious death of XP support

,----[ Quote ]
| As Microsoft slowly kills off Windows XP itself -- over the protest of many
| users -- it's still unclear exactly when Redmond will formally cut off all
| support for its old OS. But one reader's experience in dealing with a series
| of update fiascos over the last few months suggests that XP support may
| actually have expired already, and under suspicious circumstances.
| "I lost my XP system near the middle of May, and it took me until the end of
| June to get it back," the reader wrote. "What happened was that, suddenly,
| all of my hardware disappeared from the Windows device manager as did my
| administrator privileges. I had a lot of licensed apps on my system, and the
| prospect of starting with a fresh install was too daunting, so I decided to
| recover instead. During this time, I spent over eight cumulative hours
| talking to Microsoft's Indian 'support technicians.' I was at least six hours
| into that ordeal before I finally spoke with one that had a small clue what
| he was talking about."

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