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[News] Raves About Great and Lesser Known GNU/Linux Applications

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Shutter on Ubuntu: is this the mother of all free software Screenshot

,----[ Quote ]
| There are bog-standard screenshot utilities, Firefox add-ons, Scrot and 
| ImageMagick. The command line tools invoke the power of scripting language 
| too which, with experience and imagination, allows you to do damn near 
| anything with screenshots so I won’t be abandoning them anytime soon. Then 
| there is Shutter, written in Perl and GPLV3 compliant, containing nothing to 
| offend the sensibilities of the most abstemious free software evangelist and 
| packed with a decent slew of the features bloggers and technical writers 
| might need. Where it’s toolset falls short Shutter offers a gateway to other 
| viewing/editing graphics applications to fill any gaps. (Detailed online PDF 
| documentation would be very welcome.)         
| As for the developers (Mario Kemper and Vadim Peretokin), their after-sales 
| care was an object lesson in professionalism and represents everything that 
| is right and good about free software. I have no doubt that we will see more 
| of the same, as they tell me that version 0.90 of Shutter is slated to add in 
| support for Skype and Gmail. A big up and respect to them. Thanks guys. 
| Shutter makes you proud to be called a lens louse.     


5 Excellent ToDo List Apps For Linux That You Might Not Have Heard Of

,----[ Quote ]
| Most Gnome users probably use Evolution, the default PIM, to manage their 
| tasks and ToDo lists. However, if you are like me, who is not a user of 
| Evolution and are looking for a native standalone ToDo list app for your 
| Linux machine, here are 5 of the best ToDo list apps that I have tried, used, 
| loved and recommend.    



Shutter 0.70 released!

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