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[News] Science Throws the Towel on the Proprietary Model

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Scientific Learning Contributes Content to Open Source Community

,----[ Quote ]
| Scientific Learning Corp. has announced it will contribute neuroscience- and 
| technology-based based activities from two of its educational products to 
| open source program FreeReading.net.  
| The open source program allows users to access, share, and copy online 
| content legally, owing to what is known as a Creative Commons 
| Attribution-Share Alike License, more commonly referred to as a "wiki" 
| license.    


Cloud Computing Brings Cost Of Protein Research Down To Earth

,----[ Quote ]
| In 2004, a group from the NIH developed and distributed an open-source 
| alternative to commercial proteomics search programs, entitled Open Mass 
| Spectrometry Algorithm (OMSSA). A second open-source proteomics database 
| search is also now available; the X!Tandem, developed and released by the 
| Bevis Laboratory at the University of Manitoba.    


Strobist Designs Real Open Source Remote Trigger

,----[ Quote ]
| When I wrote about the Lumipro Flashgun (yes, the review is coming), a strobe 
| designed by actually listening to the people who would buy it, I called 
| it ‘open source’ (with the quotes). While, technically, it wasn’t true, it 
| certainly followed the spirit of the project.   
| Now, there is a true open source flash project. Called the SPOT (Strobist 
| Project Opensource Trigger), it is a wireless trigger for off-camera flash, 
| and by downloading the schematics and GPL-licensed` software, you can build 
| it yourself for around $50.   



Harvard starts teaching open source

,----[ Quote ]
| As with all Harvard case studies, there is no resolution to the dilemma - 
| just the open question (pun intended): To open source or not to open source? 
| Not open sourcing, as the case study implies, is a losing game. There is 
| simply too much interest in open communities created to develop software in 
| the image of those communities, and not in any single vendor's image.  



Harvard to collect, disseminate scholarly articles for faculty

,----[ Quote ]
| In a move to disseminate faculty research and scholarship more broadly, the 
| Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) voted Tuesday (Feb. 12) to give the 
| University a worldwide license to make each faculty member’s scholarly 
| articles available and to exercise the copyright in the articles, provided 
| that the articles are not sold for a profit.    


Harvard Research to Be Free Online

,----[ Quote ]
| Harvard University will soon begin posting research and articles produced by 
| its faculty on the Internet free of charge. 

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