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[News] Free Software Good for Health, But Will The Government Approve?

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Will Obama health IT committee give open source a chance?

,----[ Quote ]
| Proprietary health IT has plenty of representatives here, but open source has 
| several who might be termed persuadable. The future of open source in health 
| IT is still within the power of the President to direct and control.  
| Does he care about it?


Obama gives veterans an open source commitment

,----[ Quote ]
| Defense uses an insurance system called TRICARE managed by a proprietary 
| records system called AHLTA. The Veterans Administration is a single-payer  
| health care system managed by an open source records system called VISTA. 



IT for health

,----[ Quote ]
| The solution to the problem of flexibility lies in free and open source
| software. India has already adopted open source approaches in administrative
| systems and education projects. This represents a good policy foundation on
| which to build a national eHealth system. It could, for a start, leverage the
| strengths of the large open source software community.


VistA now all open source

,----[ Quote ]
| The big open source struggle that began with Linux, moved to enterprise
| applications and then the consumer space, is now pointed directly at the
| heads of doctors and hospitals.
| VistA, the public record EHR and hospital management software created by the
| Veterans Administration, is once again an open source movement with word that
| DSS, its biggest commercial licenser, is switching to the Eclipse Public
| License.


Healthcare Conference to Focus on Open Source Solutions

,----[ Quote ]
| Panels, presentations, and Birds of a Feather meetings are certainly the
| highlight of next month's Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE), but that's
| not the only thing happening during the event. The Demonstrating Open Source
| Health Care Solutions (DOHCS) conference will be co-located with SCALE and
| both will get underway on Friday, February 20, 2009.

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