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Re: Advocates - Don't Give Up (good Linux Video)

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> High Plains Thumper on Sunday:
>> Good Linux advocacy video:
>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBUgEx_91BU
>> "Waste is worse than loss. The time is coming when every
>> person who lays claim to ability will keep the question of
>> waste before him constantly. The scope of thrift is
>> limitless." - Thomas A. Edison
>> This is why Linux will not only survive but thrive in these 
>> economic times.  The power of a Vista computer can be
>> harnessed with 3 terminals to provide 4 satisfactorily
>> operating Linux desktop workstations for work or school.
>> The day of singular thick clients comes to an end.
> Surprising subject line.
> Given that GNU/Linux is winning (French Police, Brazilian
> education, etc.) and Microsoft is losing ($4 Windows is really
> sold at a loss if you count patents), why would anyone but
> Microsoft give up?
> Just watch how many Microsoft executives quit the company in
> the past couple of years. Watch how the company's value sank
> by half.
> Linux is supported by companies like IBM, Google, Oracle, H-P,
> Intel, Nokia, Motorola, TI, MontaVista and Red Hat. Unlike
> Windows, Linux cannot die. You'd have to kill hundreds of
> medium- and large-sized companies (plus many volunteers) to
> achieve such an outcome.

Linux ARM netbooks will gain more support by the cellphone
industry.  Just think, one could televideo conference through a
netbook through the cell network, plus browse the Internet
through through the netbook.

To illustrate the power of a netbook, I did a demonstration
hook-up for a local church that was having problems with their
regular notebooks.  The Little ASUS Aspire One with an external
USB DVD recorder unit and their DVD, connected up to a sound
system did a fabulous job of quality video "karaoke" for
congregational singing through their video projector and sound

It did it as though it was specifically designed to do it, plus
it took up little space on the stand.

> I'm just having fun watching Microsoft disintegrating
> (dropping products services|divisions) every week.
> Go get some popcorn for Microsoft's upcoming quarterly
> results. I think it's a fortnight away.

The Linux ARM notebooks will be unstoppable.  For one, it will
break the IBM PC Intel compatibility mould.  Also, brought to
level of cell phone pricing will provide something more than just
an appliance.  All of the Linux software is already available for
it including OpenOffice and audio/video players through the ARM
RISC distros, now available.

It will also spur 3rd party development of software for ARM,
which will further its utility.

Microsoft will not go out without a fight.  I surmise we may see
more lawsuits being generated from the M$ legal team over patents
and digital rights over the ensuing months.


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