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[News] Reviews of Two Ballnux Distributions in the Popular Press

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SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 Is (Almost) All Things to All Companies

,----[ Quote ]
| Novell's SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 does a good job of bringing together 
| an organization's equipment and code to meet a variety of needs. SLES 11 is a 
| solid virtualization platform and serves in its traditional role as host for 
| Linux and open-source applications, but also has added Novell support for 
| Microsoft .NET applications.However, when compared with more narrowly focused 
| rivals, SLES disappoints in some roles.     


Linux for Dummies 

,----[ Quote ]
| You guessed it: Presto isn't actual "magic," but rather a Linux installation. 
| In fact, it's a very stripped-down and highly customized distro from Xandros, 
| the same company that makes a similarly sanitized flavor of Linux that powers 
| the Eee PC. The categorical lack of the word "Linux" anywhere on the Presto 
| site or within Presto itself is kind of shocking. Coupled with the way you're 
| required to install it, it's clear that this total avoidance of the L-word is 
| a very calculated move to hide it from the public. Why, I wonder? If I had to 
| guess, I'd say it's because Xandros figures the average person wets himself 
| with fear a little bit any time he hears the word "Linux." If that's the 
| case, then is Presto any less scary? I installed it to find out.         



Why is there no Open Source SLES ?

,----[ Quote ]
| One of them is that the SLES community is much smaller and more aimed at 
| proprietary software. Novell itself is promoting Mixed Source and promotes 
| its own proprietary software on top of SLES (also see OES). This obviously 
| scares part of the community away. The deal with Microsoft obviously does as 
| well. As a result Novell is big within Enterprises with little community 
| people, and these are not the kind of people that would spend their free time 
| rebuilding packages and do QA.      
| Another reason is that Novell is not in favor of such a project (even though 
| people from within Novell _and_ people in the SLES community disagree with 
| management) because it fears it will take away some of the profit and Novell 
| made a big risk by taking the Linux route, they cannot afford to make it 
| fail.    

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