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[News] De Facto Free Software for Healthcare Updated

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Updated open source releases within OpenVista project

,----[ Quote ]
| Medsphere today announced the release of open source code for recently 
| developed components of the comprehensive OpenVista electronic health record 
| (EHR) solution.  


Some thoughts about the future of health care IT

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| Beware Stimulating the Perversity of the Health Care system. Their are huge 
| perverse incentives are “baked in” to our Disease Industrial Complex.   The 
| commodity of this industry is disease, not health.  Regardless of the good 
| intentions and expectations of individuals, the system forces them into 
| less-than-virtuous behavior.  The current stimulus effort runs the risk of 
| unintended consequences of stimulating the perversity of our system rather 
| than the virtues we seek.  For example, it would appear that the greatest 
| financial value derived from a universally available health record would be 
| increased malpractice suits, because they would be able to program scanners 
| that could automatically scan historical records with 20/20 hindsight and 
| find some instance of an activity that in retrospect was the wrong path to 
| take.  This in turn will lead to an even greater emphasis on defense medical 
| practices.            



NHIN software released to open-source community

,----[ Quote ]
| The Federal Health Architecture project released into the public domain the
| code for Connect, a software gateway that will let organizations outside the
| federal government share health information via the National Health
| Information Network.


HIMSS day1: Medsphere

,----[ Quote ]
| In reality there is a component of HIMSS that is FOSS-friendly and FOSS runs
| as an under current at every HIMSS conference that I have attended. It can be
| hard to find but it is there.
| [...]
| Two less people die every day at Midland b/c of the systems in place to
| handle central-line infections inside OpenVistA. Wow. That means that
| Medsphere clients are starting to get VA-like improved outcomes. All at a
| fraction of the cost of the proprietary alternatives

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