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[News] Positive Impact of LLVM on Portable Linux

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Portable Linux future using LLVM

,----[ Quote ]
| Imagine a single Linux distribution that adapts to whatever hardware you run 
| it on. When run on an Atom netbook, all the software shapes and optimizes to 
| the feature set and processor characteristics of the specific version of 
| Atom. Want to run it as a VM on a new Nehalem-based server? No problem, it 
| re-shapes to fit the Nehalem (Core i7) architecture. And here, when I 
| say "re-shape", I don't mean at the GUI level. Rather, I mean the software is 
| effectively re-targeted for your processor's architecture, like it had been 
| re-compiled.       



LLVM 2.5 Released, Receives Numerous Improvements

,----[ Quote ]
| The LLVM (Low-Level Virtual Machine) still isn't a big competitor to GCC
| since the Clang compiler front-end remains unfinished, but the LLVM folks
| have issued a version 2.5 release. LLVM 2.5 is made up of a bunch of bug
| fixes, a new XCore back-end, performance improvements (in the compiler and
| its generated code), new development documentation, and plenty more new work.


[llvm-announce] LLVM 2.4 Release!

,----[ Quote ]
| LLVM 2.4 includes many bug fixes, much faster compile times at -O0,
| substantially better code generation in various cases, a new PIC16 target,
| new IR features, and numerous other improvements and features (see the
| release notes for details).



[llvm-announce] LLVM 2.2 Release!

,----[ Quote ]
| LLVM 2.2 includes hundreds of bug fixes, many improvements to llvm-gcc 4.2
| (which is now the recommended front-end), a new (beta) Cell SPU backend,
| and a large variety of optimizer and codegen changes that allow LLVM 2.2
| to produce even better code than before.  LLVM 2.2 has compiled many
| millions of lines of C, C++ and Objective C code, and the llvm-gcc 4.2
| Ada and Fortran front-ends are even starting to work.

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