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[News] A Look at Plug Computer Running GNU/Linux

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A Marvel of a Marvell

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| Now - there is no keyboard or mouse input, nor is there a video display 
| output - so what good is it you may ask??? The system is designed to run 
| Linux and you access the system using a terminal program by connecting a USB 
| cable (supplied) to the Plug Computer and a PC which is where the terminal 
| program resides. This is CLI (command line interface) stuff and anyone 
| familiar with Linux or Unix is familiar with this interface. Not only is it 
| designed to run linux it also comes with a CD which contains the 
| documentation on the system as well as a development system for use in both 
| Windows and Linux - this allows you to build (actually rebuild) the system 
| with the applications you want on the machine. Given you have 512-megs of 
| Flash you can pack a great deal into this small machine! Heck - you could 
| even install Astrisk (a software PBX system) on this machine and use it for 
| VOIP phones - of course you would need to find a USB interface that will work 
| with telephone lines if you want to use the PBX with normal phone lines but 
| just the fact you can run a VOIP system on this machine is impressive in and 
| of itself!               



Marvell Announces Support for UMPC Platform

,----[ Quote ]
| Marvell, the leader in storage, communications and consumer
| silicon solutions, today announced that the Company's industry
| leading WLAN products fully support the Intel Ultra Mobile
| PC (UMPC) initiative.

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