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[News] Cars Have GNU/Linux Computers on Board

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A Look At The Tesla S 17-inch Haptic Entertainment And Navigation System

,----[ Quote ]
| Its a 17-inch LCD touch computer screen that has 3G or wireless connectivity. 
| When we were in the car, the screen featured Google Maps. Tesla’s website 
| verifies that the screen will be able to feature sites like Google Maps and 
| Pandora Music. From what we saw yesterday, the screen is divided vertically 
| into three separate areas: the maps/navigation screen, radio/entertainment 
| area, and climate controls. The navigation screen has several 
| tabs: “internet,” “navigation,” “car,” “backup,” and “phone.” The 
| entertainment section has several tabs, 
| including “audio,” “media,” “streaming,” “playlists,” “artists” and “songs.” 
| The climate controls seem pretty standard. Our driver (see video) says that 
| the computer is going to be run on some kind of Google Maps software and will 
| feature a “full browser.” It’s not surprising that Google Maps is integrated 
| into the interface, Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page are 
| investors in Tesla. The dashboard is also an LCD touch screen. Tesla has also 
| confirmed to us that the computer/entertainment center will be Linux-based.              



"Car OS" links Linux with telematics systems

,----[ Quote ]
| OpenSynergy is readying a Linux-based "car operating system" and an Intel
| Atom-based evaluation board for automobile infotainment systems. The COQOS
| platform aims to let Linux-based infotainment applications and
| AUTOSAR-compliant telematics modules share the same system-on-chip processor,
| which is virtualized by a "micro operating system" (μOS) layer.


Can automotive survive without open source?

,----[ Quote ]
| The struggling automotive industry needs to embrace open software platforms
| if it wants to cash in on the growing automotive telematics and infotainment
| business, says an ABI Research white paper. Partnerships with Linux
| technology companies are cited by ABI as potential avenues for success.



Wind River, Intel ride Linux into car market

,----[ Quote ]
| Intel and Wind River Systems have teamed up to create a Linux/x86 platform
| for car electronics, which will debut at the Telematics Detroit 2008
| conference today (May 20). The offering is based on Intel's low-power Atom
| processor and a new variant of Wind River's embedded Linux.


Linux Soon to be in your Car

,----[ Quote ]
| Thanks to a new joint effort between Intel and Wind River, you may soon be
| running Linux in your car.


Intel and Wind River driving Linux infotainment systems to cars

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux is in our computers, our phones, our Wi-Fi equipment, and our TiVos —
| why not our cars? Intel Corp. and Wind River have been working with both the
| embedded and automotive industries to advance in-vehicle infotainment (IVI)
| with open, Linux-based, standards-based, interoperable hardware and software
| called Open Infotainment Platforms (OIP).

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