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[News] More ARM-based Boards for Tablets (Running GNU/Linux)

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ARM Cortex-A8 MID debuts

,----[ Quote ]
| The Beagle MID is "loosely modeled after the Nokia N800" Internet Tablet, 
| says HY Research, a small embedded device firm that claims to have developed 
| one of the first Linux-based appliances back in 1996. The Beagle MID project, 
| including mechanical and electronics work, was said to have consumed about 80 
| people hours.     



Nokia MID and Nautilus. New Linux based mobile computers from Nokia

,----[ Quote ]
| Well, today we have info about a couple of more high end touch devices coming
| up from Finnish vendor in late 2009-2010. And, most likely, they are not
| based on Symbian S60.


Foxconn to Manufacture Nokia's Netbooks

,----[ Quote ]
| Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia was reported a while ago to plan on entering
| the netbook market, and the company already started to make steps in this
| regard. Nokia seems to have partnered with Foxconn for the manufacturing of
| its compact mobile computer that was announced back in February at the Mobile
| World Congress in Barcelona.


Nokia to release a netbook?

,----[ Quote ]
| All this begs the question of which OS platform would Nokia choose? The N810
| runs on a Linux variant known as Maemo, which includes a Nokia-developed
| Gnome application framework dubbed Hildon.
| Hildon in turn has been adopted by Ubuntu for their Intel-endorsed Mobile
| Internet Device Edition, while the Intel-founded Moblin project is built
| around the  Gnome Mobile platform. This already gives Nokia some entré into
| the world of Linux and Atom-powered devices.

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