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[News] New Users Fall in Love with GNU/Linux Quickly

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The new faces of Linux - Who Do I Yell At?

,----[ Quote ]
| I just smiled and told him that the install was done, complete with all but a 
| few codecs he might want such as flash. I told him that would take a grand 
| total of about 5 minutes, maybe less. He was skeptical to say the least.  
| It only took about 20 minutes inside the system to remove any skepticism he 
| had. I watched him as he "drove" his new system. He didn't say much, just 
| made sounds of affirmation to himself as he explored and found things to his 
| liking. I showed him how to use k3b, streamtuner, his file system and most 
| importantly to him, his office suite. Rich writes technical bullitens for his 
| company and spends vast amounts of time in either a rich text editor or a 
| word processor. When those thing met his approval, our business was finished.      
| [...]
| I explained to him about the EULA and advised him to read it...things would 
| become clear as a bell then. I told him to just take his blood pressure  
| medication prior to doing it. When I briefly outlined the way Microsoft and 
| other proprietary software vendors had protected themselves he just shook his 
| head.   


GNU/Linux mainstream: The Simpsons Test

,----[ Quote ]
| Thankfully GNU/Linux doesn’t include such software. But, we also can’t see 
| what kind of market share GNU/Linux holds. To the statistics, it’s like 
| GNU/Linux doesn’t even exist. We have to find/guess what the market share is.  



Old Fools Journal: Geek Stuff or Switching to Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| My machine boots in 93 seconds and is fully ready to go. It turns off in
| about 15 seconds. Machines are starting to come on the market with this
| system preinstalled.
| Did I mention that it's free? How do they do that? Probably some kind of
| communist plot. I'm pretty sure it's not Satanic as no one has been around
| asking me to trade my soul but I would think about it if they did.



,----[ Quote ]
| Another amazing feature is the extreme ease you can create a custom
| LiveCD/DVD: one click does it all for you!
| You can expect every program vetted by the PCLinuxOS team to work out of the
| box, and to work well!
| Give PCLinuxOS a spin, you won't be disappointed.

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