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Re: Even More Microsoft Products Get Axed

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____/ Homer on Friday 10 April 2009 02:15 : \____

> [quote]
> Hip project names and cool logos have their price it seems, and
> Microsoft's Live Labs - incubator to Seadragon, Photosynth, Deepfish,
> and Volta - is too expensive for this economy.
> The company is reported to have moved people from Live Labs and
> distributed them among product groups within the company, reducing the
> facility's size.
> [/quote]
> http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/04/09/microsoft_downsizes_live_labs/
> And here's a bit of hilarious marketdroid gobbledegook:
> [quote]
> A company spokesperson reportedly said economic conditions had imposed
> constraints that challenged the original Live Labs model by:
> "Diminishing the group's ability to transfer innovations to business
> groups who're understandably giving priority to 'needs' vs.
> 'opportunities.'"
> [/quote]
> Translation: "We're broke".

Microsoft Breaks Up Its Live Labs Group

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft spokeswoman Stacy Drake McCredy said the economy had forced the 
| company to rethink the group’s mission. The death of Live Labs as it has 
| existed, combined with Google’s decision to cut some of its more experimental 
| products, raises the question of whether these kind of futuristic initiatives 
| are falling out of fashion among leading internet companies, or are just a 
| victim of this recession.      


Maybe they'll get back to focusing on their few profitable products. While it
lasts anyway... Office is already sold for under $100 (or gratis) in places
and Windows too becomes a freebie.

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