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[News] Freedom/Openness Inspires More New Fields

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CKAN - an idea whose time has now come

,----[ Quote ]
| The exciting thing is that not only public data storage but even public 
| triple storage is starting to become massively freely available. As soon as I 
| knew that Talis was offering their platform to host Open Data (PDDL, to which 
| Talis made critical and significant contribution) I started to think how we 
| could get CKAN into it. Not everything will fit. But we can get enough 
| overlap of concepts that we can start to unite the entries using SPARQL.     


Of markets and black swans and opensource and software

,----[ Quote ]
| So what would happen if financial markets get run on opensource principles? 
| Complete transparency. Open inspection. Visible track records. 
| Compartmentalisation of losses, sharing of gains. Moderation not regulation. 
| And yes, the capacity to “fork”.   


A year ago:

Open Source Software for Materials and Process Modeling

,----[ Quote ]
| Though on only a tiny minority of desktop computers, open source dominates
| several fields of use. For example, Linux runs major data centers such as
| those of Google, Yahoo, eBay, Amazon, the New York Stock Exchange, and many
| of the world's largest banks. In addition, 85% of the top 500 supercomputers
| in the world run Linux,1 and Linux is used exclusively by all of the
| animation studios producing major motion pictures, on both render farms and
| animator desktops.2 The Apache web server powers over half of websites,3 and
| the market share of the open source Firefox web browser in Europe is nearly
| 30%, and is approaching 50% in several countries.4

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