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[News] Free Software/Open Source Respects Its More Ethical Rules

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Freedom & Piracy

,----[ Quote ]
| OK, I’ll get off my soapbox now. Where’s the FUD? “Everyone” knows that the 
| Linux community was started by a “bunch of hackers” and the negative 
| connotation that accompanies that statement is well-understood. “You Linux 
| people want everything for free!” This perception unjustly deposits the Linux 
| community in the same class as pirates. I occasionally come across the 
| accusation that Linux egregiously promotes piracy, though this is most often 
| made in the context of copyright violations in the entertainment industry.      
| The truth is, (intellectually) Free Software is available to those who 
| disagree with the concept and/or laws of intellectual property. Usually, Free 
| Software is also (gratis) free or low-cost software, because intellectual 
| protection is often what permits software price gouging. The authors are 
| usually the first users of a Free software package, so overall quality is 
| generally higher than one might expect. As expressed in the articles above, 
| the availability of Free Software should reduce or eliminate the 
| perceived “need” for piracy. Free Software is not limited to the Linux 
| platform, but the Linux community supports and fosters this mentality 
| explicitly.         




Anti-piracy day? No thanks

,----[ Quote ]
| Today is Microsoft’s self-declared Global Anti-Piracy Day. No surprise then
| that the local arm of the Business Software Alliance has been ringing up
| journalists over the past couple of days with the ominous news that South
| Africa is losing between R2.8 billion to software pirates every year.
| As usual, the BSA statements are sweeping and presumptive.
| For a start, South Africa doesn’t really lose all this money. Most of the
| licensing money heads straight overseas to companies like Microsoft and Adobe
| with this country holding on to very little of it.

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