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[News] New KDE Software and Qt Creator Introduction

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,----[ Quote ]
| Its been a while since I posted about my progress with Kobby, but the editor 
| is definately making headway.  


Qt Creator

,----[ Quote ]
| Reviewed: Linux isn't short of a few integrated development environments, but 
| if your chosen development arena happens to be Qt, and/or KDE, the only 
| viable option for the last eleven years has been KDevelop. KDevelop is a 
| powerful application that supports many more languages than just C++, but the 
| bewildering array of icons, panels, tabs, menus and windows are likely to 
| scare beginners back to Blitz Basic.     



Qt 4.5 ships, as Qtopia bows out

,----[ Quote ]
| Nokia-owned Qt Software is shipping Qt 4.5, a cross-platform library
| available for the first time under a commerce-friendly LGPL license.
| Additionally, Qt launched a new cross-platform IDE (integrated development
| environment) and SDK, and said it would discontinue the Linux-only Qt
| Extended stack (formerly "Qtopia").


Qt Creator and Qt SDK for more approachable Qt

,----[ Quote ]
| Qt Software, a Nokia subsidiary, has released Qt Creator an Integrated
| Development Environment that makes Qt 4.5 and the Qt tool kit more accessible
| by providing an IDE customised for Qt development. Rather than having to
| spend time configuring an IDE to work with Qt, developers can get straight to
| work with C++ and the Qt tool kit. To make it even simpler, Qt SDK has also
| been announced, which bundles the Qt 4.5 tool kit with Qt Creator, as a
| single install package for the Qt newcomer.


Qt Jambi to be open source

,----[ Quote ]
| After roughly two years of development, Qt Software has said it will stop
| working on Qt Jambi, a Java version of the Qt GUI library. Qt says this
| is "in order to focus resources on the Qt cross platform application and UI
| framework." Qt Jambi will soon be released under the Lesser General Public
| License (LPGL) as an open source project. Qt Software, originally Trolltech,
| is now a Nokia subsidiary after Nokia acquired them in June of 2008.



Qt Jambi 4.4 Brings Benefits of Qt 4.4 to Java Programmers

,----[ Quote ]
| Trolltech today announced the launch of Qt Jambi 4.4 – the latest version of
| its application framework for Java™ development. Qt Jambi is based on the
| recently-launched Qt 4.4, and brings its benefits to Java developers:
| including the ability to develop web and multimedia enriched applications
| across desktop operating systems.


Qt Jambi 4.3.4 Download Released

,----[ Quote ]
| Trolltech released Qt Jambi 4.3.4 to commercial customers and the open source
| community. Qt Jambi is the Java version of Qt, the framework for
| high-performance cross-platform application development. The release is
| available for customer use, evaluation and open source download.

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