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[News] Overview of BitTorrent, Microblogging Clients and Editors for GNU/Linux

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Review: Deluge 1.1.6 - Powerful BitTorrent Client for GNOME

,----[ Quote ]
| Written in GTK, Deluge is a powerful BitTorrent client which, in my opinion, 
| is the GNOME counterpart to KTorrent, the most popular client in KDE. The 
| version I will review in this article is the latest at the time of writing, 
| 1.1.6, released on April 6, 2009.   
| [...]
| Overall, Deluge is definitely a very good choice, especially if you are a 
| GNOME user. It is powerful, it has a simple and intuitive interface and comes 
| with all the configuration options needed to customise and use it the way you 
| want.    


Two Unusual and Good Twitter Clients For Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Most Twitter and other micro-blogging clients use the same interface as 
| Twitter.com, but two new free software clients make Twitter easy to use from 
| the command-line or an IRC client.  
| Twidge lets you send and receive Twitter or Identi.ca updates from the 
| command-line. Although micro-blogging from the command-line may not appeal to 
| you, the command-line makes it easy to fiddle with Twitter, and Twidge works 
| well in shell scripts. For example, you can automate sending updates or 
| filter out unwanted updates from your friends.    


Review: Text and Programming Editors for Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| When it comes to something as seemingly simple as editing text (programming, 
| configuration files, etc), there are a surprising number of options available 
| to Linux users. This review focuses on some of the more commonly used tools 
| found in the Ubuntu repositories; most, if not all, of these editors can be 
| easily installed in other Linux distributions. Most of these applications 
| have similar core features, but some integrate more advanced functionality.     



Linux-driven BitTorrent appliance ships

,----[ Quote ]
| Myka is shipping an embedded Linux device that downloads, stores, and plays
| BitTorrent media files on an attached TV. Available in 80GB, 160GB, and 500GB
| models, plus a Developer's Edition with a 1TB disk, the Myka appliances
| offload BitTorrent peer-to-peer duties from a PC.


Myka sneaks BitTorrent into the living room

,----[ Quote ]
| OK, perhaps not so sneaky, there's a nice big BitTorrent logo right up front,
| but Myka seems to be quite the end-to-end solution for getting those torrents
| up on the big screen. The box hooks up to the internet via LAN or WiFi,
| includes a 80GB, 160GB or a 500GB drive for storage and runs a torrent client
| on Linux.    

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