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[News] Financial Services Love GNU/Linux

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Cost Replacing Functionality as Linux's Appeal 

,----[ Quote ]
| With a shrinking server market, financial services firms are porting more 
| applications to Linux at the expense of Unix and other legacy platforms. 
| While that has been an ongoing trend for many years, the motive has shifted 
| in the past year from adding new functionality to reducing cost. That was the 
| consensus at Monday's annual Linux on Wall Street conference in New York.    
| "The global financial crisis has changed business priorities," said Inna 
| Kuznetsova, IBM's director of Linux strategy, during a keynote panel 
| discussion. "People are less focused on adding functionality and more focused 
| on cost reduction."   



Hard Times May Boost Linux in Financial Services

,----[ Quote ]
| Today Linux is the go-to operating system for high performance computing,
| while it continues to extend its footprint in the broader IT community. In
| the financial services arena, in particular, Linux is being seen as a
| critical technology for increasing ROI.
| On Monday, at the High Performance Linux on Wall Street conference in New
| York, Inna Kuznetsova, director of IBM's Linux Strategy, led a panel that
| discussed how Linux can be used to reduce costs and improve performance in
| these economically challenging times. We recently got the opportunity to ask
| Kuznetsova about the increasing profile of Linux for IBM customers and how
| the technology is enabling them to realize cost savings.


Morgan Stanley Growing Its Use of Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Anthony Golia, executive director of enterprise computing at Morgan Stanley,
| told attendees at the High Performance Linux on Wall Street show this morning
| that his firm has been using Linux in a big way since 2001.
| "We use it because it performs well on inexpensive, commodity hardware,"
| Golia said. "That continues to be true and that continues to be a reason we
| use it."

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