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[News] Laws of the Copyright Cartel Spread But Face Resistance

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Hollywood's Favorite Lawmakers Preparing Next Level Of Draconian Copyright Laws

,----[ Quote ]
| Because (of course) last year's ProIP bill that (once again) strengthened 
| copyright laws wasn't enough, Hollywood's favorite lawmakers all got together 
| outside of LA and complained about how copyright laws needed to be even more 
| draconian. They once again quoted the same mythical stats about the damage 
| done by infringement, and didn't hear from a single defender of the public or 
| someone who could explain the basic fact that strengthening copyright law 
| doesn't solve anything. Instead, they just complained, blamed pretty much 
| every foreign country (other than France) and insisted "something must be 
| done!"        


Copyright laws put movie night on hold

,----[ Quote ]
| But the debut of Movie Night, originally set for April 18, is on hold 
| indefinitely after officials learned the city must purchase a license from 
| the motion picture industry before it can screen films for the public.  


Rep "Hollywood" Berman calls for new IP law—using dodgy data

,----[ Quote ]
| Rep. Howard Berman took his committee on the road yesterday, hearing (again) 
| from directors and rightsholders about how stronger intellectual property 
| laws are needed to fight piracy. But didn't they get such a bill just last 
| year? And why are the numbers Berman uses either dodgy or flat-out wrong?   


Talk about long term copyright


Why “Three Strikes” Will Fail

,----[ Quote ]
| Today you can buy a 1 Terabyte external hard disc for less than £100 – that's 
| big enough to store well over a quarter of a million songs, and thousands of 
| films. Bringing along such a hard disc to a party and swapping files is 
| already taking place, and the “three strikes” laws will simply ensure that 
| sales of high capacity discs will increase dramatically.     



PRS Threatens Woman For Playing Radio To Her Horses Without Paying A Licensing

,----[ Quote ]
| The latest (sent in by a few folks) is that PRS has now threatened a woman
| who plays classical music to her horses in her stable to keep them calm. She
| had been turning on the local classical music station, saying that it helped
| keep the horse calm -- but PRS is demanding £99 if she wants to keep
| providing such a "public performance." And it's not just a one-off.
| Apparently a bunch of stables have been receiving such calls.
| Obviously, this is not a case of random excessive attempts by PRS to squeeze
| more money out of people. It's become systematic. The group seems to believe
| that playing music in almost any situation now constitutes a public
| performance and requires a licensing fee. You just know they're salivating
| over the opportunity to go after people playing music in their cars with the
windows down.

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