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[News] Scotland Offers Free Software Education

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Aberdeen hosts first advanced open source training course in Scotland

,----[ Quote ]
| Open Source software expert, Gavin Henry, who is managing director of 
| Aberdeen-headquartered Suretec Group has teamed up with telecoms training 
| provider, Telespeak and Asterisk open source software specialists, Digium, to 
| organise Scotland’s first advanced training course for open source telecoms 
| professionals.    



Scottish Open Source Awards 2008: And The Winner Is... Everyone!

,----[ Quote ]
| Open Source Software is at the heart of the School of Informatics' computing
| provision, from network infrastructure to the desktops used daily by students
| and staff alike.
| The School has been a long-term Linux user, originally deploying RedHat Linux
| in 1995, and rolling it out the desktop in 1997. This RedHat variant is now a
| core component of the school's computing environment, DICE.
| [...]
| Wolfson Microelectronics (http://www.wolfsonmicro.com/) - Edinburgh-based,
| working on embedded frameworks for Linux
| [...]
| Being involved in the Scottish Open Source Awards has been something of an
| eye-opener for me. As a Linux enthusiast I am reasonably well-versed in Open
| Source as it impacts on the home user, but I had clearly under-estimated the
| impact that Open Source has had on the wider community, in business and in
| education.


Scottish Software Awards 2008 launched

,----[ Quote ]
| Innovative and pioneering software companies throughout Scotland are being
| invited to enter the sixth annual Scottish Software Awards.
| The awards, organised by Targeting Innovation in conjunction with
| Straightline Publishing, celebrate the talent and success of Scotland’s
| thriving software industry.


Findings of the Open Rights Group Election Observation Mission in Scotland and

,----[ Quote ]
| The Open Rights Group cannot express confidence in the results for
| areas observed.
| The Open Rights Group (ORG) believes that the problems observed at the
| English and Scottish elections in May 2007 raise serious concerns
| regarding the suitability of e-voting and e-counting technologies for
| statutory elections. E-voting is a ‘black box system’, where the
| mechanisms for recording and tabulating the vote are hidden from the
| voter. This makes public scrutiny impossible, and leaves statutory
| elections open to error and fraud.

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