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Re: [News] Microsoft and Its Lackeys Spread Utter Lies About Sub-notebooks

Homer wrote:

> Verily I say unto thee, that Roy Schestowitz spake thusly:
>> Windows Is Not on 96% of Netbooks
> The Vole has been on a major offensive for months (I've personally found
> them to be highly offensive for years) attacking OEMs and retailers with
> their usual blackmail tactics, to kill the threat of GNU/Linux netbooks.
> And they certainly have "succeeded" in this racketeering, as a number of
> GNU/Linux systems mysteriously disappear off shelves only to be replaced
> by XP equivalents. The GNU/Linux systems haven't disappeared completely,
> but they are now far less conspicuous. However, the figure of 96% is way
> out of proportion to my observations ... more like 70% at most.

Yup - EVERYWHERE there are Linux netbooks to be had just not the best
models and reduced choice now. It requires SERIOUS INVESTIGATION BY
You can make regular enquiries and that
helps to notify you of when the rationed stuff arrive.

What the suppliers are doing is criminal.

They are DELIBERATELY restricting high demand goods to
hoodwink shareholders in order to put out micoshaft UNWANTED CRAP.

They have responsibility to shareholders and not sacrifice
one sale for another. Because if they did, they are going
to get their own companies and the directors who participate
in the dock for criminal activity.
If there is demand for Linux, then they should do their utmost
best to promote it and pussy foot around. It WILL get noticed
sooner than later.

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