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[News] Apple Leads Price Jacking of Music with the MAFIAA

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Amazon, Wal-Mart Follow Apple, Raise Prices On Some Top-Selling Tracks

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| Well, that didn’t take long. Amazon.com (NSDQ: AMZN) and Wal-Mart (NYSE: WMT) 
| have both quietly followed Apple’s lead and will now charge more for some 
| top-selling tracks in their MP3 stores. Some songs will now sell for $1.29 at 
| Amazon’s MP3 store, up from 99 cents, while Wal-Mart is now charging $1.24 
| for top tracks, up from 94 cents. Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) introduced variable 
| pricing to its iTunes music store Tuesday, by charging 69 cents for older 
| tracks, 99 cents for recent songs and $1.29 for new hits, instead of the 
| previous 99 cents for any track.        



Apple's new MacBooks have built-in copy protection measures

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| Apple's new MacBook lines include a form of digital copy protection that will
| prevent protected media, such as DRM-infused iTunes movies, from playing back
| on devices that aren't compliant with the new priority protection measures.


Apple Response on Norwegian ITunes Case Fails to Impress

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| "It's a consumer's right to transfer and play digital content bought and
| downloaded from the Internet to the music device he himself chooses to use.
| iTunes makes this impossible or at least difficult, and hence, they act in
| breach of Norwegian law," he said in a statement on Sept. 29, when the plan
| to submit the case to the local Market Council was announced.


MP3 Store Guide: ‘Don’t buy DRM’ (like iTunes)

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| Yesterday korporate download sites HMV, Woolworths, 7digital, Digitalstores,
| Tescodigital, Tunetribe, and Play.co launched a new ‘100% MP3 compatible’
| logo devised by the Entertainment Retailers Association.



A Linux User's Perspective on the ITunes Store (and DRM in General)

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| What if tomorrow you went to Best Buy or Walmart or Sam Goody and purchased a
| CD? What if, before you left the store, the salesman told you that although
| the CD was in all other respects a standard CD, that you could only play it
| if you owned a Pioneer or Sony stereo? Would that make any sense? Would it
| make you a bit hesitant about buying music from that store again?    
| Well, if you purchase music or videos from the iTunes Store,
| [...]
| With content from the iTunes Store, however, users may find themselves a bit
| stuck if they ever want to make the switch to a more open computing platform,
| such as Linux. Because none of the DRM-restricted content from the iTunes
| Store will play on Linux. And it's all because that's how Apple wants it, to
| be honest, and not because of any technical limitation.    


Apple's latest trick to enforce digital rights

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| [...]
| With this version of iTunes, users were finding that music
| subjected to the old download-burn-rip would no longer
| load onto their iPods.

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