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[News] Book DRM Under Assault

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Amazon takes heat over Kindle DRM

,----[ Quote ]
| A literacy group is planning to protest against the organisation that pushed 
| for restrictions on Amazon and its Kindle 2 e-book reader. 
| The Reading Rights Coalition is to hold a protest in New York on 7 April 
| outside the headquarters of The Authors Guild. The group said that it 
| primarily represents individuals who cannot read print, such as the blind and 
| those with learning disabilities.   


Stand Up for Your Right To Read

,----[ Quote ]
| Last month, a group called The Author's Guild raised loud objections to the 
| text-to-speech feature in Amazon's new Kindle 2. They claimed that reading a 
| book out-loud is a violation of US copyright law.   



The State Of DRM: Is The Customer Right?

,----[ Quote ]
| McSherry says it's that control — not piracy prevention — that's the real
| goal of Digital Rights Management. Which is why it may be around for a long
| time.


Stating the Case Against DRM to the FTC

,----[ Quote ]
| Wednesday, EFF Staff Attorney Corynne McSherry will be testifying at the
| Federal Trade Commission's (FTC) town hall meeting on digital rights
| management technologies, or DRM. After years of observing DRM's development,
| suing Sony for its destructive SecuROM DRM, defending free speech for
| researchers and bloggers, and speaking out against DRM's use, EFF's stance is
| quite clear: DRM is harmful to consumers, it undermines competition and
| innovation, and unnecessarily preempts users' fair uses of copyrighted
| content -- all while making no appreciable dent in "digital piracy." In fact,
| generally the only ones who are inconvenienced by DRM are legitimate
| customers.


FTC: We'll "come calling" about deceptive DRM

,----[ Quote ]
| The Federal Trade Commission kicked off its big DRM conference in Seattle
| Wednesday morning by saying that the goal was not to "take sides" over the
| question of whether DRM is good or bad—but the conference nevertheless opened
| with a warning.


Amazon May Face Uphill Battle with Discovery’s E-Book Patent

,----[ Quote ]
| Interestingly enough, the patent filed in 1999 was approved in November of
| 2007, the same month that the first Kindle launched. And all of the hype and
| sales estimates have likely encouraged Discovery to finally take action.


Kindle Hit By Patent Lawsuit (AMZN)

,----[ Quote ]
| Another patent lawsuit that left us scratching our heads: Discovery
| Communications (DSCIA) is suing Amazon (AMZN), claiming the Kindle infringes
| on a patent Discovery has for DRM on digital books.

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